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Press releases

We always have something new to announce at the Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences.

If you're a journalist, you should find the below press releases useful. More news items can be found on our news page.

Most press releases will specify media contacts, but if in doubt, please get in touch with our Media Relations Officer Jamie Brown at or on +44 (0)161 275 8383.

Latest releases

University of Manchester researchers join forces with US ‘cancer moonshot’ to develop advanced cancer cell detection technology
(29 June 2016)
Cancer Research UK researchers based at The University of Manchester and the US government’s National Cancer Institute have announced that two teams will work together to radically accelerate progress against cancer, in one of the first international collaborations inspired by US Vice-President Joe Biden’s Cancer Moonshot.

When reality bites: procedures meet practice in community pharmacies
(27 June 2016)
High workload, rigid rules, and conflicting pressures from their employers are all leading to community pharmacy staff deviating from standard procedures at times to ensure patients receive the tailored care they require, a new study from The University of Manchester has found.

Multi-centre trial to test new treatment for chronic cough
(21 June 2016)
An international clinical trial to test the first new cough drug in 50 years is being led by The University of Manchester’s Professor Jaclyn Smith. If approved, the promising new treatment could offer hope to the millions of people living with chronic cough for whom few, if any, effective treatments exist.

Comedy gig kicks off a psoriasis awareness week that’s no laughing matter
(16 June 2016)
A high profile comedy night in Manchester will use humour to raise awareness of a serious subject as it kicks off the biggest ever Psoriasis Shout Out® – a week of events (18-24 June) organised by The University of Manchester.

Innovative podcast gets on its Soapbox to tell deaf people’s stories
(13 June 2016)
The inspiring life stories of deaf people from around the world, collected over ten years by a University of Manchester researcher, are to be explored in an innovative new podcast and public science event.

University spin-out focusing on Alzheimer’s disease launches in Manchester
(10 June 2016)
New stem cell company, StrataStem, which is able to study ‘Alzheimer’s disease in a dish’, has just launched in Manchester. Spun-out of The University of Manchester by UMIP, StrataStem was founded by Stem Cell Research Fellow, Dr Lisa Mohamet and Dr Chris Ward, a Reader in Stem Cell Biology.

Flashes of inspiration needed to solve weather and pain mystery
(10 June 2016)
The University of Manchester team behind a ground-breaking study recording how thousands of people with chronic pain react to the weather is seeking help from the public to come up with explanations for the results.

Scientists identify drugs to target ‘Achilles heel’ of Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia cells
(8 June 2016)
New research, by the Universities of Glasgow and Manchester, has revealed an ‘Achilles heel’ of Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML) and found drugs to successfully target this weakness and eradicate the disease in mice.

Manchester Day’s BRAIN BOX will make you shout EUREKA!
(8 June 2016)
Town hall will become the city’s largest laboratory as scientists from across the city join forces for Manchester Day’s Brain Box attraction.

Moving can be hazardous to your health and wellbeing
(7 June 2016)
A long-term University of Manchester study of Danish children followed into adulthood shows that moving to a new home during childhood increases the likelihood of multiple adverse outcomes later in life. This unique residential mobility study of 1.4 million people tracked from their 15th birthdays until their early forties appears in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Twice a day radiotherapy halves treatment time and is equally good at treating small cell lung cancer
(6 June 2016)
A University of Manchester-led trial has found that having radiotherapy once a day for six and a half weeks or twice a day for three weeks – when combined with chemotherapy – is equally good at treating small cell lung cancer that hasn’t spread.

Pioneering Salford Lung Study achieves world first
(25 May 2016)
COPD patients treated with Relvar® Ellipta® achieve superior reduction in exacerbations compared with ‘usual care’.

NSPCC partnership event: Deaf children: are we keeping them safe?
(24 May 2016)
Research shows deaf and disabled children are three times more at risk of abuse than non-disabled children.

Dental researchers get over £5 million to look into timing of infant’s cleft palate surgery and speech development
(20 May 2016)
Researchers at Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CMFT) and The University of Manchester have been awarded more than £5 million to evaluate the timing of surgery for infants with cleft palate.

New research shows that financially incentivising GPs does not extend life for patients
(19 May 2016)
By comparing UK mortality data with that of other high-income countries, researchers from The University of Manchester’s Health eResearch Centre have shown that a £10 billion incentive programme has no direct impact on reducing mortality.

Universities in Salford and Manchester join forces to fight dementia
(18 May 2016)
Manchester, Salford and Manchester Metropolitan Universities are teaming up in a new initiative to combat dementia in the region and beyond.

If the drug fits: For the first time experts meet to address barriers to personalised drug dosing
(17 May 2016)
Your shoe fits the size of your foot, so why is your drug dose not tailored to your own personal characteristics in the same way? To answer this question, some of the world’s leading experts in health care and pharmaceutical science are coming to Manchester this week.

Can a smartphone application help treat anxiety and depression?
(13 May 2016)
In a joint project between the Universities of Liverpool and Manchester, researchers have examined the initial trial of a smartphone application designed to help people manage their problems.

Thai princess visits Manchester to find out about health research
(12 May 2016)
Professor Dr Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn Mahidol, a royal princess of Thailand, visited The University of Manchester yesterday to speak to researchers working at the cutting-edge of health sciences and explore new links between the UK and her home country.

Stem cell gene therapy for fatal childhood disease ready for human trial
(11 May 2016)
Scientists in Manchester, who have developed a stem cell gene therapy to reverse a fatal childhood illness, have agreed to work with a new therapeutics company to test it in a human trial.