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Press releases

We always have something new to announce at the Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences.

If you're a journalist, you should find the below press releases useful. More news items can be found on our news page.

Most press releases will specify media contacts, but if in doubt, please get in touch with our Media Relations Officer Jamie Brown at or on +44 (0)161 275 8383.

Latest releases

Dementia detection research a personal mission for PhD student
(27 August 2015)
A University of Manchester PhD student has used MR scans in a new way to detect the devastating form of dementia that affected her late husband, raising the possibility of earlier diagnosis.

Gut feeling restored by growth outside the body
(25 August 2015)
University of Manchester scientists have bridged a gap between two separate pieces of small intestine kept alive outside the body, in an advance which could have implications for surgery in human adults and babies.

How research at Tameside Hospital could provide clues to one of the UK’s biggest health challenges
(21 August 2015)
Novel research is being undertaken at Tameside Hospital to help determine the reasons why patients with type 2 diabetes have a greater risk of damage to the inner lining of the blood vessels, which can affect the eyes, nerves and kidneys and why diabetic men are three times more likely to develop sexual dysfunction.

New study examines the link between hospital care for self-harm and risk of death
(14 August 2015)
A University of Manchester study which followed up 38,415 people admitted to hospital with self-harm has, for the first time, investigated the association between the treatment patients receive in hospital and their subsequent risk of death.

Bid to cut childbirth mortality with game for African midwives
(11 August 2015)
Researchers at The University of Manchester have developed a new board game which will help African midwives to detect prolonged and obstructed labour to prevent women dying in childbirth.

Student campaigns for memorial to thousands in Manchester pauper graves
(7 August 2015)
A student from The University of Manchester is rallying support behind her petition to remember more than 40,000 people buried in and around Manchester’s Angel Meadow.

University collaboration for early detection of lung cancer
(5 August 2015)
The University of Manchester has signed a collaboration agreement with Abcodia to perform proteomics studies on a cohort of non-small cell lung cancer cases from the UKCTOCS biobank, with the aim of discovering new blood-based biomarkers for earlier detection of the disease.

Overcoming why a new treatment is resisted by lung cancer
(29 July 2015)
A promising new agent which can be used to treat cancer rarely has an effect on the most common lung tumours, but new research from The University of Manchester has suggested how this might be overcome.

Molecular clues to serious illnesses to be explored
(27 July 2015)
The University of Manchester is to lead a new £2.9 million molecular pathology research project to improve diagnosis and treatment of non-cancerous diseases within the NHS.

Large rise in suicide among male patients in mental health care
(22 July 2015)
There has been a 29% rise in suicide since 2006 among men under the care of mental health services in the UK, a report by the NCISH shows.

Manchester professor conducts world’s first bionic eye implant
(22 July 2015)
The world’s first implant of a bionic eye has been carried out by a University of Manchester academic

Anonymous patient’s leukaemia genetically mapped to give hope to others
(14 July 2015)
Manchester scientists have genetically mapped the cancer of a leukaemia patient whose disease was resistant to treatment in order to identify a method of personalising therapy for individuals.

CPPE teams up with NHS England to train clinical pharmacists in general practice pilot
(13 July 2015)
The Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) is working with NHS England and Health Education England (HEE) as a delivery partner to provide training for a new group of clinical pharmacists based in general practices following an announcement of a new £15m scheme by NHS England. The aim of the scheme is to improve patient care and outcomes while supporting the GP workforce.

Aspiring health data scientists gather for The Farr Institute’s inaugural PhD Symposium
(10 July 2015)
The next generation of health informaticians from across The Farr Institute’s four UK-wide centres came together for the first annual Farr PhD Symposium on the 9 and 10 June.

Medical student overcomes brain tumour to take up cancer hospital placement
(8 July 2015)
A University of Manchester medical student who graduated yesterday (7 July, 12.30pm), returned as part of a placement to the radiotherapy department that treated her brain tumour.

Medical graduate provides a lifeline for remote Peruvian villages
(7 July 2015)
Graduation held no fear for a University of Manchester medic who has sailed up the Amazon and treated a snakebite victim in a jungle village.

Cystic fibrosis overcome by student who graduates with a first class degree
(7 July 2015)
A University of Manchester student graduated yesterday with a top degree in pharmacy, despite struggling with the cystic fibrosis she was diagnosed with as a baby.

WATCH: Tributes as stroke professor receives national award
(30 June 2015)
One of the country’s leading stroke specialists has scooped a national Life After Stroke Special Recognition Award for her pioneering work to transform the quality of stroke care in the UK.

New NICE online learning tool for healthcare professionals involved in the care of people with psychosis, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder
(26 June 2015)
The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has launched a new online learning tool – Severe mental illness: prescribing and monitoring antipsychotics.

Manchester to tackle cancer’s biggest challenges as new Cancer Research UK Major Centre
(26 June 2015)
Cancer Research UK has announced a further investment of £5 million in Manchester to help transform personalised medicine for cancer treatment and follows last week’s launch of the new cancer research building in Manchester.