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Press releases

We always have something new to announce at the Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences.

If you're a journalist, you should find the below press releases useful. More news items can be found on our news page.

Most press releases will specify media contacts, but if in doubt, please get in touch with our Media Relations Officer Jamie Brown at or on +44 (0)161 275 8383.

Latest releases

Manchester scientists recognised with Academy Fellowship
(28 April 2016)
Two scientists from The University of Manchester have been elected to the prestigious Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

‘Grand vision’ to regulate allergies in food
(27 April 2016)
A Manchester scientist has contributed to a review of allergen analysis that aims to improve the situation for those living with food allergies – preventing food fraud and protecting consumers.

Potential cause of dementia to be investigated with £1m grant
(22 April 2016)
Stuart Pickering-Brown, Professor of Neurogenetics at The University of Manchester, has been awarded £1million from the Medical Research Council to study a common cause of dementia.

Improvements in NHS mental health care in England may have helped to reduce suicide rates
(21 April 2016)
Increasing specialist community services like crisis resolution, helping make the transition to adult services smoother for young people, and implementing clinical guidelines are just some of the service changes that are linked to significantly reduced suicide rates in mental health services in England over the last 16 years, according to new research from The University of Manchester.

Natural births after caesarean more likely if you call the midwife
(20 April 2016)
Women who had a caesarean section in a previous pregnancy are much more likely to have a safer vaginal birth if their antenatal care is led by a midwife, according to a new study from The University of Manchester.

Out of this world research to find new medicines welcomed by Manchester scientists
(19 April 2016)
Expert researchers in Manchester have welcomed the decision by NASA to send fungus into space in order to try and create new drugs to help treat diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Cancer cells turn healthy cells to the ‘dark side’
(15 April 2016)
Cancer cells use a mutant gene to coerce neighbouring healthy tissue into helping with the disease’s growth and spread, a major new study reports.

Reassurance for parents as cancer causing genetic condition risk lower than previously thought
(15 April 2016)
The odds of children having a genetic condition which causes learning difficulties and tumours have been dramatically cut, thanks to genetic analysis led by The University of Manchester and Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Blindness therapy comes a step closer following licensing deal with US firm
(13 April 2016)
Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, who have a disease that can lead to blindness, could have their sight restored after The University of Manchester entered into a technology license with Seattle-based company Acucela Inc.

University expert concludes doctor suicide review
(11 April 2016)
The University of Manchester’s Professor Louis Appleby has concluded a review for the General Medical Council, making recommendations to reduce the risk of suicide in doctors facing investigation.

Scientists identify possible double whammy to attack leukaemia
(7 April 2016)
Manchester scientists have identified a potential double drug combination against B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, according to a study published in the journal Cell Death and Disease today (Thursday).

Expert reaction: WHO warning on diabetes’ ‘unrelenting march’
(7 April 2016)
As the World Health Organization warns of an ‘unrelenting march of diabetes’ with numbers 422 million cases in 2014, an expert from The University of Manchester has reacted to the problem and suggests some ways to address the obesity epidemic that fuels it.

Pain, the Brain and a Little Bit of Magic as research goes from lab to stage
(1 April 2016)
A University of Manchester scientist is stepping out of the lab in order to write and perform on the latest research into chronic pain, as part of a new theatre tour.

HeRC Director named as Mbassador – a Global Ambassador for Manchester
(1 April 2016)
The Director of the Faculty's Health eResearch Centre, Professor Iain Buchan, has been selected as one of 14 high-profile industry leaders chosen to maximise their global networks and help advance Manchester's international profile.

Why mainstream pregnancy programmes may be failing care leavers – report identifies risk factors faced by vulnerable teenagers
(31 March 2016)
Increased vulnerability due neglect and abuse, the absence of a supportive adult in their lives and a lack of mainstream effective sex and relationship education due to placement moves, are some of the reasons identified by children’s charity Coram as to why standard sexual health education may need re-thinking for care experienced young people, to reduce unplanned pregnancy.

Researchers urge arthritis patients to give up smoking to help them live longer
(31 March 2016)
University of Manchester-led research has found new evidence to suggest that, not only is smoking associated with earlier deaths in those with rheumatoid arthritis, but also those who stop smoking dramatically reduce their risk of earlier death, as published in Arthritis Care and Research journal.

Devo Manc -a health check: Experts explore Greater Manchester’s devolution future
(29 March 2016)
The University of Manchester today shines the spotlight on Greater Manchester’s trailblazing devolution journey with a raft of expert articles and blogs providing new analysis of Devo Manc - from health and social care to housing, transport and the new elected mayor.

Researchers find a new genetic target for most common lung cancer
(23 March 2016)
Research in Manchester has identified mutations in lung cancer that is key to tumour growth, offering a new way to differentiate and treat some patients with the disease.

A vision for medicine precision with new disease data link-up
(23 March 2016)
Vast amounts of data generated by screening patients for diseases like cancer and arthritis at The University of Manchester will now be used to improve treatment and drug safety in partnership with the University of Dundee.

Zika virus vaccine to be developed in Manchester
(22 March 2016)
A University of Manchester team is to develop a new vaccine against the Zika virus as part of a new initiative to counter the disease which has spread rapidly across the Americas in the last few months.