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Press releases

We always have something new to announce at the Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences.

If you're a journalist, you should find the below press releases useful. More news items can be found on our news page.

Most press releases will specify media contacts, but if in doubt, please get in touch with our Media Relations Officer Jamie Brown at or on +44 (0)161 275 8383.

Latest releases

New syndrome which causes obesity and intellectual disability identified
(3 February 2016)
Scientists at The University of Manchester have discovered a new genetic syndrome of obesity, over-eating, mental and behavioural problems in six families, from across the world.

Stroke therapy to be investigated in new study of 160,000 records
(28 January 2016)
Researchers at The University of Manchester are to investigate 160,000 patient records to identify issues affecting the quality of stroke therapy in England.

Cloudy with a chance of pain!
(26 January 2016)
It’s a mystery that’s perplexed people for over 2,000 years, but now University of Manchester scientists are on the verge of working out if the weather affects pain in people with arthritis and other conditions, all thanks to the British public and their smartphones.

Slow progress in stillbirth prevention highlighted by landmark research series
(19 January 2016)
More than 2.6 million stillbirths continue to occur globally every year with very slow progress made to tackle this ‘silent problem’, according to new research published in The Lancet.

Astonishing art inspired by Salford coal miners who shone a light on arthritis
(11 January 2016)
A new collection of artworks on display in Salford (21-24 January) has been inspired by x-rays taken from Salford’s coal-miners in the 1950s which helped establish a world-wide method of classifying the severity of osteoarthritis.

Second opinions: Positive stories of GP work revealed
(7 January 2016)
The often under-reported positive aspects of a GP’s working life have been uncovered by a University of Manchester researcher in a series of in-depth interviews with experienced doctors.

World’s first clinical guidelines for chronic fungal lung infections
(23 December 2015)
A University of Manchester professor has led the group which has published the world’s first guidelines for chronic fungal lung infections for doctors and laboratories.

Honour for surgeon who’s operated on thousands in warzones
(21 December 2015)
A medical graduate who has spent more than 20 years treating thousands of victims of conflict around the world has been given an Outstanding Alumnus award by The University of Manchester.

Red Cross and helping homeless earns Ben student of the year prize
(18 December 2015)
A University of Manchester master’s student graduating today, 18 December, will receive a prize for not only his outstanding medical science studies but also his volunteering activity in the community.

Graduation for student who’s dedicated her PhD to Syrian children
(18 December 2015)
A University of Manchester psychology student who has dedicated her studies to helping Syrian refugee families graduates today (Friday, 18 December).

Specialists make breakthrough for bowel cancer patients
(17 December 2015)
Specialists at The Christie and The University of Manchester have made a breakthrough which will spare patients with cancer of the lower bowel, rectal cancer, from major surgery.

India and Pakistan set to benefit from new autism treatment
(16 December 2015)
In a world first, clinical researchers from the Universities of Manchester and Liverpool have collaborated with colleagues in south Asia to adapt a parent-led autism therapy and successfully tested it in India and Pakistan, with the aim of improving treatment for an estimated 5 million children in the region with the disorder.

Imaging test detects aggressive and treatment-resistant cancers
(9 December 2015)
Scientists have developed a new imaging test that could enable doctors to identify more dangerous tumours before they spread around the body – and tailor treatment accordingly.

Rising risk of obesity among China’s ‘left behind children’
(9 December 2015)
Some 61 million rural children left behind by parents moving to China’s booming urban centres are at risk from increased fat and reduced protein in their diets, research from The University of Manchester, published in Public Health Nutrition suggests.

GMC appoints former mental health tsar to improve its support for vulnerable doctors
(4 December 2015)
The General Medical Council (GMC) has appointed one of the UK’s leading mental health experts to provide independent advice on how it can support vulnerable doctors.

Folding your genes: New discovery sheds light on disease risk
(30 November 2015)
New research from The University of Manchester and the Brabraham Institute has revealed how gaps between genes interact to influence the risk of acquiring diseases such as arthritis and type 1 diabetes.

Infants under 12 months most at risk of physical abuse
(24 November 2015)
Infants under the age of 12 months are most at risk of serious physical abuse, reveals a large study of severely injured children published online in Emergency Medicine Journal.

NHS Medical Director to open major new medical training centre
(17 November 2015)
Sir Bruce Keogh, the Medical Director of NHS England is to give the annual Doubleday lecture on Wednesday 18 November as the University announces high-profile health professionals who’ll be helping to train the next generation of doctors.

Schoolgirl cancer vaccination encourages mothers to attend screening
(12 November 2015)
Manchester researchers have shown that the introduction of the HPV vaccination programme for girls has increased uptake for cervical cancer screening by their mothers.

Have a brainwave (and see it on screen) at science of emotion event
(12 November 2015)
University of Manchester psychologists are providing people with an emotional experience this Saturday (14 November) with a fascinating set of activities that explore the science of feelings.